The Croatian school
Bandiera animata flag Croazia Marittima dal 1990

High School of Economics and Trade is one of the vocational training centers in Dubrovnik where students acquire their first profession so they can be included in the labor market. For those who wish to continue their studies at university level, the school organizes additional classes to prepare them for final exams, thus guaranteeing the vertical passage to desired universities.

The school has four-year programs: economy, commerce and business secretary, and a 3-year program for shop assistant (retailers). The school is also licensed by the Croatian Ministry of Education for the high school law program which consist of general and professional curriculum.

High School of Economics and Trade was founded in 1913.

Today, there are 340 students, 17 classes, 40 teachers and total of 50 employees . Students aged from 15-18 are educated to work in accounting, finance, banking, insurance, commerce and administration, they are encouraged to create their own companies, they learn how to start their business, develop the business idea and work with imaginary products while dealing with actual documents. In this school, teachers have developed the oratory school program for the development of communication skills and it has been financed by IPA EU fund operations.  Since 2015. this school has been actively participating in Erasmus + projects. The school`s mission is education in accordance with the general cultural and civilizational values. The main  aims are preparing students for living in a multicultural world, respecting diversity and tolerance and enable students to become active and responsible participant in democratic development of society.